This cycle effects the physical aspect of the body. It encompasses your energy levels, your resistance, and your overall physical strength and endurance. During the positive half of cycle is when you will feel at your best.

This cycles influences physical factors such as eye-hand coordination, strength, endurance, and resistance to disease.

During the down half of cycle you are likely to have less energy and less vitality. Be sure to follow this cycle if you require physical endurance for either sports or your work.

Very low energy. These are not good days for physical efforts or extreme sports. Watch out for silly accidents
Vrlo niska energija. To nisu dobri dani za fizičke napore i ekstremne sportove. Paziti na glupe nesreće.

Low energy. You will feel a bit tired after physical effort. Don't bet on yourself when you play sports with friends.

Quite low energy. Today you might be thinking that everything seems a little further away and things are heavier, but that is due to your energy being quite low.

Quite high energy. During these days in your Physical Cycle, your energy is higher than the average.

High vitality. Ideal for sports training and activities requiring physical effort

High vitality and energy. You will feel physically strong. Good days for demanding activities and training.

Maximum energy. You are in top form in your Physical Cycle. Take advantage and do activities requiring physical strength and stamina.

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